Private consultation

Connection Coaches with a private practice

There are more than 50 professional Connection Coaches in Belgium, The Netherlands, The Philipines, England, Schotland and Hong Kong. Most of them speak Dutch, a lot of them speak English and there are also a few who speak French, German, Turkish, Polish and Cantonees.

To make an appointment for a private consultation to see what Live The Connection can do for you, you can contact any of them by clicking here.

"I must express my deep thanks. Since three months now, I'm being well monitored and so far, I can live a normal life with peaceful productive thoughts... It's Heaven. Live The Connection is really amazing. I want to share as much as I can."



"The private consultation helped bring back the connection I had with the people I love most. It also helped me reconnect with myself and fixed wrong belief systems I had that stopped me from being my best self. I am now rejuvenated."